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Husband wife relationship problems may generate from the instant conclusions when you both have fight with each other. Happy Married life is base of a healthy life that helps you in many aspects like increases productivity at work, attentive to each other and many other benefits. Time is not same for every situation. It will heal so have good positive conversation with each other. In this very sensitive relationship where every step should taken after consulting with each other can be affected with many worse reasons like vastu dosh. Because it is not necessary that problems always create only due to some flaws between husband and wife. Sometimes external reasons around you affect a lot your relationship like unfavourable position of planets that change their position according to time and bring lots of good and bad result on you.

Husband wife relationship in Hindi

Analyse of our surrounding is very necessary because it motivate us to know the flaws in it and then improve it. The same have you ever analyzed your relationship whether it is healthy or not? No device exists that can measure the happiness and comfortably of relation so people have to know how it is.

Unfortunately some people are unaware to know about the self determining factors that can create so many troubles between the partners. But it said that what is the meaning of that relation that does not have troubles. Any driver of any relationship cannot run it without bumps. Ups and downs are usual part of it. If on time you are able to analyze the complexity of the trouble then it is very easy to come out from the sea of troubles.

Husband wife relationship problems India

In India mainly problems can create due to male dominated society because ego in any relationship consider nothing and gradually this thing make it weaker. Everyone has a different view to consider the trouble and different way to solve the trouble so in this beautiful relation support each other and put aside these worse causes.

Solution of fight between husband and wife

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